Guided Project: Star Wars Survey - dazzletrail

Hi Fam,
below is a copy of my guided project, constructive criticism is welcomed. Also advise and recommendation on how to become a better data scientist is welcomed. I will like to receive an assessment on the quality of the project and areas to be improved on.

Basics (1).ipynb (112.8 KB)

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Hi @dazzletrail
Thank you for sharing another project on Star Wars Survey. The codes are so good and thus rendered good output. the visualization are so okay, most of the explanations given in the markdown cell are well presented, thumbs up for the good work buddy. However , have got few suggestions,

  • your project lacks a substantiated introduction, like giving some information background of the dataset you are using, giving the links of these datasets, providing the aim/ objective, all of these are so important and therefore advised to be included whenever working on any project.
  • I would love to know your conclusion ( like the findings you have found very interesting ) though presented on a summary way.
  • Also you have hardly used the comments, remember it’s through the comments that most of the readers do somehow get fully involved with your code lines.

Otherwise, congratulations for the good work!

Happy learning.