Guided Project: Star Wars Survey - My take

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:,

Just finished my Star Wars Project:
Heres my file:
Star Wars Surveys Analysis.ipynb (261.5 KB)

It was a great fun doing it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much I did doing it :slight_smile:. Comments and critics are very much appreciated :wink:

Obrigado, thanks for checking it and for your interest.

Stay Safe!



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hey @a.xitas

Yeah! your fun and learning are both visible. Way too Visible Perhaps!!

I enjoyed reading it. But it gave me something to ponder about as well - like in an age of Big Data, AI, and Quantum stuff, are we allowed to use a couple of words in our analysis - conclusion points 3 and 6 basically. :thinking: :thought_balloon:

Moving on.

  • Your project is a great read when it comes to exordium (I learned a new word) and findings. But you wrote almost everything as #comments in code cells.
    You can actually take some content out from there since you captured most details to make markdown cells. That way the project get sectioned and have an easy to read narrative!

  • your plots have clear, identifiable, and crisp colors. :+1: a bit of additional formatting would have made them ideal versions. additions such as - legend to show what the dotted line presents - mean value/ median/ or some percentile?

  • what I liked best was your findings section includes your research like ratings of IMDB, then some original thoughts and ideas like marketing decisions, then some personalized comments about forgetting a character and highlighting that if some other character had been included might, survey results may or may not be different. :ok_hand:

  • the stacked plot is a nice addition as well - with values combined together. :+1: making it less is more example. Although (PLOT AESTHETICS) why does it not include a title? :thinking: any reason?

  • one last thing, you have a syntax error in code cell In [36]. Peer to peer advice, before you submit the project, just run “Restart & Run All” from kernel options.
    That way the entire project will re-run and any steps which might cause a syntactical error, because we have further processed the dataset in next steps, will not throw us a syntax error.

You can get a hint of my interest in this project, by looking at this looooooonnnnnngggggg feedback!

Thank you for sharing your project with DQ community and helping your fellow learners to learn something new and different. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to learn more!


Hi @Rucha :slight_smile:,

First of all I want to say a big and very warm THANK YOU for you feedback. It was both helpful and very constructive :wink: .

And its funny that you talk about this age that we are living in, the age of AI. Because I’m currently just reading this book:

Which I highly recommend :slight_smile:. And living in this age, do you know what I think? I think we need to be even more humans than ever. We need to break free of all the preconceived ideas, from all the standardized ways of thinking, from all the prejudices and from all the do’s and the don’ts. Let’s leave all of that to the machines, and let us remain and empower our humanness :slight_smile:. We are way more than just a piece of product just off the assembly line.

Having said that, I clearly know that the barriers between my freedom of speech, the possibility of expressing myself freely, my ways of thinking and my actions are drawn and end, when the barriers of others begin. But I have to also say that by no means I wanted to be offensive or rude in some of the approaches I’ve taken. It’s also that given the subject of study, the Star Wars saga, I also felt that I had some margin for a more light and funny aproach with no pun intended :slight_smile:. But I very much respect and understand your opinion, therefore I will take those two examples you gave, especially point 6 and I will give it a little change :wink: .Regarding the nº 3 when I wrote it I was just remembering this: image


Regarding the comments in the code cells, I totally agree with you. After I finished it, when I was reviewing it I felt like: hhhhmmmmm I think I have too much comments in code cells. This doens’t look that nice. But the truth is that I’ve no changed it, but I definitely will :wink: .

Almost every bar graph had an average line in it. Haven’t you noticed? Maybe I should label/legend the line to better highlight it, no??

Regarding the titles, to be honest with you I really don’t know why those 2 graphs don’t have any. I was thinking and I do not have any answer. I think that doing the project in several days, a bit each day, led me to forget to put titles in those 2 graphs.

I will also change my pie graph and include a legend in it. You are absolutely right. I did not to it because I didn’t want to introduce more noise to the already a bit noisy graph and also because I was explayning what the labels were in the comments above. But you are correct, better to introduce a legend and clean it a little bit :wink: .

Regarding the sintax error, I’m not geting any :neutral_face:. Could you please be more specific for me to try to correct it? And yes, I also do that, the restarting and running all :wink: , quite often I must say :slight_smile: .

You can also assess how happy I was for receiving you feedback from this lllooooooooonnnnnnnnggggg reply :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:.

I will try to make those changes to my project, and put it here again. And instead of using salt and pepper together I will only introduce a pinch of salt :wink: .

Once again, Obrigado for your feedback :slight_smile:

hey @a.xitas

I would need some time to process your answer. for now, just want to drop in the syntax error part:

Ok, I see it, but I do not have it in my project. Maybe that was an attempt that I was doing but I forgot to rerun everything after I’ve deleted it and I endend up saving it without ‘cleaning’ it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Rucha, I changed everything only a thing I could not properly do, and that was the Pie graph, maybe you can help me:

# Plotting 6 pie graphs of the education_pivot Dataset:
edu = education_pivot[[

# Removing the edgecolor black from all the pie charts:
plt.rcParams['patch.edgecolor'] = 'white'

# Setting up a legend box for our pie graph:    
            'High school',
            'Less than high school',
            'Some College or Associate'),
    fancybox=True, framealpha=.6)

# Setting a graph title:    
plt.title('Star Wars main characters ranked by fans preferences',

# Displaying the graph:

I was returning this:

But I want to center the title and to move further away the legend box, but I can’t :frowning:. It seems that it is using the last pie graph as reference instead of the all figure!

Do you have any sugestions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Rucha I think I’ve managed to do it :grin: I will soon post it :wink:.

Finito @Rucha :slight_smile:

Here you have the final version:

Star Wars Surveys Analysis_v_final.ipynb (287.8 KB)

This time with all the sugestions implemented and some small changes made :wink:.

I think its better for you to share this version with everyone @nityesh its got all the sugestions made previous by @Rucha :slight_smile:.

@alijajedonis if you want you can check the changes I’ve made into the pie chart :wink:.

@Rucha once again, thank you very very much for your feedback :upside_down_face:

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Hey @a.xitas

Great job with the project, its neat, concise and well packaged
It was a good read.

Thank you
Raj Tulluri