Guided Project: Star Wars Survey - split between likes and dislikes

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I try to find an answer on this question:

  • Which character is the most controversial (split between likes and dislikes)?

I thought about visualizing histogram for all characters and then selecting the most controversial one by lookng at the number of unfavorablys and favorablys.
By this visual examination I thought then Emperor Palpatine can fit the most into this criteria. Then I thought to calculate the standard diviation.
And top 3 results show:

  • Emperor Palpatine 1.319358
  • Jar Jar Binks 1.433878
  • Darth Vader 1.535528

I am a bit concerned whether that answers the above question. Maybe I should use a different indicator?

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One alternative approach is to express each character’s favourable/unfavourable as a percentage.

You might find a character is 90/10 and another is 10/90. Characters closer to 50/50 could be described as the most controversial.

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