Guided Project: Star Wars Survey with multiple bar charts

What do you think about the multiple bar charts i used? How can i improve them a little bit more and how can i get a clearer structure in my project (text, code and graphics)? Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Star Wars Survey.ipynb (169.1 KB)

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I have only checked out your bar charts since you’ve requested feedback on them but I can give a thorough feedback on the entire project later on if you want me to.

Here are my thoughts:

  • They seem tidy, which I like. Colors are nice and they caught my attention. Keep in mind that color palettes are always an option, as well. I’m just too lazy to choose all the colors by hand sometimes so I just use a palette. :sweat_smile:
  • However, in the last bar plot and some others, the legend is covering over some of the bars.
  • The tick labels on the x axis can be rotated 45 degrees, this would make them easier to read.
  • Instead of labeling data “fan” & “no fan”, you can try “fans” & “not fans”, this somehow sounds more intuitive to me.
  • Plot titles can be a bit more explanatory.

If you want to improve plot aesthetics big time, you can check out markers etc. for bar plots. You can also check out Seaborn. It has nice themes and its syntax is much simpler than that of matplotlib, which is suited more basic visualizations.

Also, don’t forget that I’m digging in too deep because you asked specifically. Good job, overall, I like your plots! They are simple and good at conveying messages. Keep the good work up! :dizzy:


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I know the legend is covering some of the bars, but I couldn’t find (yet) an option to place the legend outside the bar plot. I will definitely check out Seaborn and the markers you’re talking about and try new things out. I really appreciate your answer!