Guided Project_ Star Wars Survey

Hi everyone,

Here is my another guided project for your review.

Your feedback will be really appreciated: what can be added / removed / modified in the project, what can be improved in my code and visualizations, whether there are some issues to fix, inconsistencies, typos, whether you agree or not with my conclusion.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Star Wars Survey.ipynb (1.3 MB)

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What could we say? Another great notebook, you made beautiful charts ! Maybe some additional questions could arise from the project: why Han Solo is the favorite character and the least favorite – Jar Jar Binks? Someone who doesn’t know very well Star Wars will not be able to understand what is the problem with JJ Binks for example. So you could make a brief description of the character and it will become more clear.
Also does favorite character or least favorite character learn us something about human nature (or about fan/non-fan nature) from a sociological point of view? Things like that so you will expand the original subject and explore other fields - sociology, psychoanalysis (Dark Vador and the very freudian “father’s question”), etc. You can write a kind of “open conclusion” with ideas and hypothesis “on the fly” for further explorations of the data.


Thans a lot @WilfriedF for you positive feedback and very good suggestions! Well, I myself was very far away from Star Wars before doing this project, and I was even surprised why such a funny-looking character Jar Jar Binks is the least favorite :grinning: But of course you’re absolutely right: there should be an explanation behind some characters being more favorite that others, or more familiar to the viewers, or being controversial, and it’s a good point for potential further insights. I’ll google some information about this topic and include it in the final version of my project, together with possible other suggestions which I hope to receive from the fellow learners here.

Thanks again for a good advice!


Thank you @Elena_Kosourova for sharing such a wonderful project work,

Those charts are super cool, and I like the way you have used heatmap presentation, also how you have used character images to make project more interesting

super cool :star_struck: :woman_superhero:

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Thank you @vinodgchandaliya for your such a positive feedback! My favourite image there is this one :smiley:

Jar Jar Binks

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I’m working on the guide project, I have a question what exactly this line is doing

column_name_decoding = star_wars.iloc[0, :].to_frame()

Hi @infinetw,

It returns the first row of star_wars (the one with the index 0) as a dataframe object. Otherwise, without to_frame(), it would return a series object.

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