Guided_Project: Star Wars Survey

Hello guys, done the Star Wars Survey project. It was very interresting, very helpful and really permit me to test my knowledge in data cleaning and data visualisation.

I’ll like to receive some feedback and some tips to make my plots more readable. The last plot was the more difficult for me, I was’nt abble to fix nicely the with of bars,so if you can help me for that I’m in .

Thks :wink:

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hi @biadboze
your work looks amazing, haven’t work on this project yet but with your work I am in a position to follow up the entire projects that is, the introduction part ,data cleaning process, the analysis and the visualization all are well presented.

Congratulations for the good work! and wishing you happy coding.


Thks for your check and happy that my work inspires you.

Happing coding :wink:

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