Guided Project_Star Wars Survey

Dear all

Kindly find the attached guided project on Star Wars Survey for your valuable input.


Guided Project_ Star Wars Survey.ipynb (210.2 KB)

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@naftali ,
It is always educating to view/read your projects and I have some commendations/recommendations on your Star Wars project.

  1. The introduction had good information on the subject matter.
  2. The wrangling pocess which included changing values, renaming columns, was systematic and clear.
  3. You had a total of 6 visualizations which is good.
  4. Very notable missing feature is code commenting. It is always a good practice to write comments above your codes for better reader understanding and code maintenance.
  5. Variables names were fairly meaningful as you may consider more elaborate names like:

can acutally be presented as:

#plot view counts for 'seen' category
seen_cat = ['seen_1', 'seen_2', 'seen_3', 'seen_4', 'seen_5', 'seen_6']
  1. Your concluding comment was satisfactory to me.
    A good job and well done.

Thank you for your valuable inputs. I really appreciate it your recommendations.

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Hi @naftali,

Great job completing the project. It was a lot of fun reading the Star War’s survey information. Great opening question.

  • Have you thought about adding a concluding statement answering whether America thinks “The Empire Strikes Back” is the best out of all the Star Wars movies?

  • Did you consider adding a data dictionary after you cleaned the data since some of the column names changed?

Great job finishing the Star Wars Survey guided project.

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