Guided project - star wars

In guided project star wars survey step 6 :

In github solution it was mentioned for rating of star war movies as older movies are mostly rated than the newer ones.But the lower rating is the best rating for the movie.Where 1 is good and 6 is the least rating for a movie.So in bar graph the lower rating newer movies are most rated films

Please help me with the same.

I am not sure I follow here :thinking: Can you provide more context?


We renamed these columns(unamed 10 ,unamed 11 to ranking 2 ,ranking 3 and so on

@markyjackson please find the more context

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I am not seeing where you feel the error is?

Here’s my Star Wars bar chart: Tips for better data visualization


In solution provided on x -axis 0 is star wars episode1,1 is star wars episode 2 (These are older movies) and 3,4,5 are new films.In this project we loted bar graph for mean values for ratings of each film.Where 1 is best rating and 6 is least rating given by users.So the low mean value films are best rated films.In the graph 3,4 and 5 are best rated as per the above condition.

So the conclusion has to be newer films are best rated than older or original ones.But it was mentioned quite opposite to this.

This visualization is correct .This has to be in the solution.The conclusion provided in solution is wrong.