Guided Project Start Wars Survey


I am sharing my Guided project Star Wars Survey.
Any feedback are welcome!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Thanks in advanced!

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Hello @dianamartinr85 thanks for sharing your project.
This is a very detailed analysis you’ve done here. Kudos :clap:
You have a very nice presentation style, this makes us easy to follow what you are doing.

So about importing the modules it would be great if you could put all the importations at the beginning of the project, just next to the introduction to the project. This will make people who are running your NoteBook know what libraries are required.

Another thing I’ve not seen is how you handled the missing values, did you ignore them?

Hello @info.victoromondi,

Thanks you very much for your review!! I will take into account your comments.

I ignored most of the missing values, except the ones in the columns 3 to 9 that represent if the respondent saw each movie. In these columns, if the value is NaN, the respondent either didn’t answer or didn’t see the movie. Then, it was assumed that they didn’t see the movie.


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