Guided project - Store analysis by using SQLite

Hello everyone! I just finished my last guided project on the sql section of the dataquest catalog.
I used Sqlite, jupyter notebook and it was my first project using plotly library for data visualization.
I wanted to see how interactivity works in the various graphs
Particulary, I would like to suggest this library to everyone for I had a lot of fun plotting graphs by using it.

I think I’m still not very good at Sqlite so every suggestion or feedback would be more than welcome.
I used the path from the guided project but then I decided to move in a more free way and I think that results improved the final version of the project.

Here you can find the python code

Here is the pdf
stores_analysis.pdf (289.1 KB)

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Hi Giovanni,

Thanks for sharing your amazing project with the Community! :star: You’ve done a super-great and profound job, and it was a really cool idea to deviate from the initial instructions and complete much more extra tasks. Excellent project structure, great approach of combining SQL with pandas and plotly, easy-to-read and elegant code (both pandas and SQL), perfectly styled SQL code (I especially liked that you used the “rivers”), awesome and highly informative dataviz, curious observations and conclusions.

I have only few minor suggestions:

  • Please add a title to your project.
  • Remove this phrase from the introduction: So, having a project like this in your portfolio can help demonstrate your skills.
  • It’s better to remove some obvious code comments (##reading the dataframe, ## plotting graph). By the way, use only one hash symbol before each comment, just to avoid cluttering.
  • In some code cells ([15], [19], [20], [22], [29]), you can consider rounding the output values to avoid an excessive precision.
  • It’s better to make plot titles bigger.
  • About the interactive plots. While in general it’s a cool idea, and such interactivity can be really helpful in some cases, this feature is, unfortunately, lost in the pdf version. Well, this was actually a rhetoric complaint, not an advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope my suggestions were useful. Good luck with your future projects, keep up this high level of work! :+1:

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Hey Elena, thank you very much for your kind words.
I will for sure follow your suggestions and improve the project.

Yes, you’re right plotly is extremely cool because graphs are so well designed and coding them is much easier than matplotlib. But you lost interactivity in the pdf versions. It’s a pity

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