Guided Project: Storytelling Data Visualization Euro-USD Exchange Rates around Sept 11th 2001

euro_USD_exch_Sept_11_project.ipynb (121.8 KB)

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Hi @markstewart1975,

Thanks for sharing your project with us! You selected an interesting topic to explore, it wasn’t mentioned among the suggested topics. Also, great job applying DateFormatter.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Add more structure to the project: title, introduction, conclusion, subheadings, markdown explanations. You can find useful this guide.
  • It’s better to re-run the whole project when it’s already ready, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • Please remove all the commented-out code from the project.
  • A good practice is to import all the libraries in the first code cell.
  • Consider adding the title and axis labels to the 1st picture.

Hope it was helpful. Good luck with your future projects!

Regards @markstewart1975

I am giving a “tour” of the work of the colleagues and yours has caught my attention on the 11S date.

The question I ask myself (I am deep ignorant) is what do you mean by remarking that moment? :thinking:

It does not seem to vary much and soon recovers again.

Thanks a lot.


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