Guided Project : Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates during COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi! I’m Ana Luiza and I just finished my storytelling guided project. I did a little different, I analyzed the exchange rate between the euro and other strong currencies: US Dollar/USD, British Pound/GBP, Swiss Franc/CHF and Australian Dollar/AUD during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2022). I would be happy to receive a feedback about it.


@analuizallmp welcome to DQ! You are definitely off to a great start by publishing your project. You are on for a great journey ahead.

Presentation Style
  • Your presentation was absolutely clean. Everything was in its place. It felt neat!!
  • The explanations provided were good and the fact that you did a bit of research does show.
  • Absolutely loved your last plot! It does look professional. Just to ensure that its perfect I would recommend that you extend the signature to the end of the plot
Coding Style
  • No comments on this because your plots speak for the code.
  • I could not find any but I haven’t gone too deep in to the code.
  • I don’t have anything to add.

You’ve put some serious effort on this project and it shows. Keep up the spirit! Onward and upward :arrow_upper_right:

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Thank you for the feedback! I’ll make the adjustments :wink:

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