Guided Project: Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates (Level up your viz)

It took me ALOT of time to finish this project so please take a minute to review it and give me your feedback.

I studied and researched a lot of the Euro history in order to be able to finish this one. I guess that’s what happens in real life projects if you are working on a subject with no or little background domain knowledge.

I also produced a cool looking GIF that summarizes my figure. I want to share this with you.

check my notebook if you want to know how it was created.

Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates.ipynb (255.2 KB)

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Hi @YoussefAlaaEtman,

WOW !! Seriously amazing !

I love your angle and the plot gif you made is obviously beyond expectation.

On the first plot I also really like how you show which direction equals the stronger dollar or euro. Such a good idea that really makes it easier to quickly absorb the information in the plot gif.

Your code is really clean and well organized making it easy to read which is also fantastic.

The only suggestion I can think of is adding a title to the 2nd plot such as “Events Impacting Strength of EUR Against the US Dollar”. You explained it well in the introduction but you might need to add it to the plot for the figure to stand alone.

Great job and well worth the effort you put into it!!