Guided Project: The Analysis of Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play markets

Welcome any suggetion and advice on my guided project.

Basics.ipynb (95.7 KB)

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Hello @yy.gao8017
Thank you for sharing your Guided Project! :raised_hands: :partying_face:
Great to see that you’ve done an amazing job documenting your step to step method used in cleaning and analyzing profitable app profiles. The entire report looks amazing.

As you continue learning more data related stuff, It would be great for you to come back to this project and do some amazing data visualization.

Like this one.

Other things to look up for:

  • Importing Libraries: Mostly for me, I like using just one cell to include imports libraries instead of mixing it with other codes, this can be great when maybe in your project you need to add more libraries, change some and also to us readers, we can know what libraries your project has used.

Other things look amazing. Happy Learning! :facepunch: