Guided project - Visualising Earning Based on College Majors

Hello Community!

This is the first time I am sharing my project, and I would appreciate your feedback so much!

I seem to got a little bit lost in so many new stuff I’ve been learning, while doing everything by my self, so I am in need of hearing someone else’s opinion (corrections, suggestions etc.).

Guided Project - Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors.ipynb (667.1 KB)

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Hello @merimus! Thanks for sharing:)

Here is some feedback:

  • Your project lacks a title. Try to think about one which attracts attention and briefly summarizes what you analyzed.
  • I liked your comments on the findings! Well done:)
  • Well done on commenting your code, it’s an essential skill for any coder.
  • Be aware of the SettingWithCopyWarning. It can cause problems. You can read more about this warning here.
  • Your plots lack titles and axes labels, make sure you have them to be more clear in your presentation. You can also improve your plot style by despining them and make the labels bigger. I recommend the book Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals that will help you with data viz.
  • In the second section I cannot decipher what you communicate with the plots. I just skipped to the explanation below. It’s because your plots are not clear! It also happend to me in the third section.
  • Write a conclusion. What were your questions? Did you answer them? Wrap up all the findings worth mentioning!

Overall, your project is good but needs some cleaning.

Happy coding:)

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Hi Artur :slight_smile:

thank you so much for taking time to look at my code and write this detailed review!!

I agree with everything you said! Currently I am at " Storytelling Through Data Visualization" course, 2nd step of Data Scientist course (this project was before it), so now I get your point about improving my plots’ style. I will take some time to improve my code, and re-post it again once it’s done.

The only thing I don’t understand still is - SettingWithCopyWarning error. I read already about it, and after inspecting my code, couldn’t find why it happened, or how to avoid it. So I just check the result - and it was fine. If you have any ideas about how to avoid this, or correct my code, you’re more than welcome.

Huge thanks to you, and HC! :star:

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Well done, @merimus! The data viz is an extremely useful and entertaining way to communicate the results.

As for the SettingWithCopyWarning it’s because you dropped the nan values and reassigned it to the rg variable. But you just created a view not a copy of the dataframe. To fix this problem you have to use this code:

rg = rg.dropna().copy()

Hope it helps!

Happy coding :smile:

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