Guided Project: Visualization of Life Expectancy and GDP Variation Over Time (The Year of Africa)

Good day everyone.

I recently completed the guided project for the “Visualize Data in PowerBI” course and decided to give the project my own twist. I set out to explore the variation in Population, GDP, and Life Expectancy in Africa with particular reference to the “Year of Africa”.

The “Year of Africa” is so named because of its significance in the fight for independence. No fewer than 17 African countries gained independence that year, which is generally seen as the start of Africa’s foray into self-governance.

As an African myself this particularly struck home. I took on the project as an opportunity to view the progress made in Africa through the lens of time.

To achieve this, I made some modifications to the provided dataset. I extended the data to the year 2020 with World Bank data sourced via I also redesigned the data model to properly reflect my intention.

The original report file can be viewed here, Guided-Projects-Dataquest-Business-Analyst-Path-/Year of Africa.pbix at main · cheifowo/Guided-Projects-Dataquest-Business-Analyst-Path- · GitHub

P.S. I intend to make this a recurring project, increasing the granularity and extending the indicators measured. I will appreciate your contribution, correction, and suggestions for future versions.

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Hi @oniabdulazeez00 ,

Great job finishing the project. Your trend graphs were easy to follow and really explained GDP and life expectancy trends. My only suggestion would be to maybe add a legend for income ranges for low, lower middle, etc…. Great job!

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I will look into that in the next version I make.

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