Guided Project_ Visualization of Life Expectancy and GDP Variation Over Time

Why did we replace the error in the Year column with 1919?

Hi @pranav.kyadar25

This is kinda late but can you please attach a link to the exact course content/ task where you are facing this confusion. It might help us understand how to work with your query better.


This is for the Power BI guided project, Visualization of Life Expectancy and GDP Variation Over Time.

It’s a good question because all of the other data is arranged in 10 year increments. I was wondering the same thing. It looks like there is some overlap in the Country column where some countries have data for 1920 and also another row with error in the year column. The instructions for the project say to change these to 1919.

When you look at the data more closely, the decade that is missing is 1820. Making that switch also lets Power Bi set the column widths correctly.

I almost went bananas trying to find the switch to do this myself. Much different than using pandas or matplot.pyplot! :slight_smile: