Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors _ Part3 Histograms

Part 3:

Use the plots to explore the following questions:

What percent of majors are predominantly male? Predominantly female?
What's the most common median salary range?

I am not sure how to understand, what majors are predominantly…
recent_grads[‘ShareWomen’].hist(bins=5, range=(0,5000))

I just see one bar.

Furthermore, I have no bar at all at the Median Salary…
recent_grads[‘Median’].hist(bins=25, range=(0,5000))



Can you please add more information to your topic?

These articles may help you:


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Guided Project_Visualizing Earnings based on College Majors.ipynb (467.7 KB)

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Sorry for waiting :wink:

As you can see in my Notebook, it works, I just do not understand how to read that information. Also the solution doesnt help at all, since there is no markdown description.



Please remove the bins and range arguments from the .hist() method (bins=25, range=(0,5000)). This will allow matplotlib to auto-detect the best values and thus, your plots will be produced correctly.

For the explanation part, I do agree that the solution page is not helpful as no explanation is available in this project. I had raised this issue with the content team and they are working on a rewrite of this course so this will be fixed.

To help you to understand how to interpret the results, I think these two posts will help you:


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