Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors - Xy


I just finished the Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors guided project :laughing:

I was totally anticipating the day when I can finally create plots LOL
So yeah, I’m so excited doing these data visualization courses. The coding part is getting tougher every day but I tried my best!

The hexbin plots were awesome and it made me read the documentation gladly and spent half an hour just to decide on which color should I pick for my plots :see_no_evil:

earnings_college_major.ipynb (707.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Congratulations on finishing one more project. The next hire is getting closer!

Just a few quick notes to constructive feedback:

  • You don’t need to save the return of the methods in a variable if you are not going to use them… just print the return, so you won’t use unnecessary computer memory;

  • You made a great tale introducing your project, which is great to get audience interest, but because of that I was expecting more context about why you’ve chosen those graphics, why that order, what which graphics are meant to demonstrate, etc;

  • I thought it was nice that you’ve isolated that majors with the highest unemployment based on 75° percentile, then you checked if they were the same majors with higher ‘Total’, it seems you’ve missed a great opportunity to use scatter plot to verify this correlation.

Overall I loved your effort into bringing more plots, more analysis, and even new kinds of plots, but I was expecting more context about them.
Nice work! Keep going!



Thank you so much for the thorough feedback!

I agree about the contexts, in which I think that I’m still lacking knowledge as to why one graphic is being used over another, and when to use a certain graphic if I have a certain type of data.

This limited understanding made me unable to write any strong reason on why I chose certain graphics in a particular order, and also missing the chance to use scatter plot as you pointed out, but rather just following the guided project’s instructions.

I hope that the more I study, I will be able to express myself more with the codes and new tools I’ve learned (the graphics) :laughing:


Giving backstories to drive the analysis - this is such an interesting way to think of projects, Melissa! Brilliant!! :heart_eyes:

I would totally encourage you to go and publish them as standalone articles in some publications

Thank you so much @nityesh :laughing: Writing articles about this sounds like a good idea! I will try to do it :laughing: