Guided Project - Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

Project_ Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors.ipynb (1.7 MB)
Hello Guys
This is my another guided project, Your feedback is requested.
Thank You

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Hello @jainanu827! Thanks for sharing.

Some observations:

  • Your project needs cleaning up: the style if not uniform
  • Give all your plots axes labels to improve readability
  • Question - Do students that majored in subjects that were majority female make more money?: it’s not clear how you answered this question, there is no plot that confirms that
  • Provide some more explanation to your plots (especially, scatter plots), so we can actually understand the problem you’re addressing
  • Similarly, provide some explanation to your data cleaning process
  • The Number of Men and Women in each category of Majors is not very clear, could you improve it?
  • What do you observe on the hexagonal plots?

You can read more about how to improve the style here.

Happy coding:)

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