Guided Project Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

  1. Hi, Please review my guided project
    Deepak-Guided Project Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors.ipynb (965.8 KB) .
    I am learning Python and worked on this Guided project ""Guided Project Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors. I request if anyone can provide feedback on it

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Hi @DeepakSharmabe5b4267! Thanks for sharing your work:)

What I liked:

  • You listed the questions you want to answer.
  • Some of you plots have a title
  • You noticed the problem with top and bottom rows and resolved it! Well done:D

What can be improved:

  • Give your project a title
  • Write a conclusion
  • Add some subheadings to improve the readability
  • Check the grammar
  • Improve the project’s style. You can check a good tutorial here
  • Give all of your plots a title
  • Your plot where you compare men and women isn’t very informative. Maybe you can make it larger and play with other colors?
  • You may want to comment on each of your plots directly under it, not after all of them. It will help a reader to understand your thoughts without going back and forth between the plots and the analysis.
  • You have an error! Get rid of it
  • Why do you print the frequencies of each value in each column? Most of them are just 1s!

Well, I hope it’s everything! Happy coding :blush: