Guided Project: Visualizing the Answer to Stock Questions Using Spreadsheet Charts

How do I answer the third question after creating the change column?

  • Create a new column called Change, and populate it with the difference between the Close and Open columns.
  • Create a frequency table with two labels: Value Increased and Value Decreased.
  • Populate the table using the COUNTIF() function on the Change column using the appropriate condition for each label.
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I will look at your Questions and respond accordingly by mentioning or demonstrating (showing)a function or method() for each question. Rucha and others suppose to help you as they are paid for doing these, but don’t worry I will do help you, without me being employed by DataQuest, because I’m helping my brother and I have a passion to teach.

what are you saying ??

But I didn’t mince my words or speak Greek, anyway?

For your Stock Questions you may ask either Rucha or Elena as I didn’t do this Project, but I could help you later after 7 days. Which means I can come up with Stock Project solutions to your problem next Sunday or Saturday on my earliest. For Hacker News you either get codes tonight or tomorrow morning, I saw your HN Project, you didn’t get (1)Amount of HN Ask Post comments and (2)avg_by_hour?

Hi @10903alm,

To you and any further readers of this post, just to clarify something very important: this Community is based purely on volunteering activity. This means that Rucha and all the other Community Moderators and Learning Assistants help our learners of their free will and dedicate to it their free time. They don’t work at Dataquest, aren’t paid for it, and aren’t supposed to help anybody. Apart from volunteering, they themselves (and actually I myself, as well) are also the learners of Dataquest who are following the same programs as other learners, and they are perfectly authorized to ask their technical data questions or share their data science projects in this Community, just like any other learner.

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Thank you very much Elena, I do understand (or understood since I took my first course) and for #metoo, I would like to brush up certain skills.

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Another thing you should realized is that I only come to study at DQ only if they offer free weekend,

Hi @OlutokiJohn

Please provide a link for this mission. I didn’t realize this post was created 4 days ago. :frowning:

In case you have solved this on your own, do mention the steps you took. This might help any other learners having similar/ same issues. Thanks.

Hi @10903alm

You can find helpful the following posts on how to get free extra time on the Dataquest learning platform:

Oh, I just realized I didn’t read the questions thoroughly, it wasn’t really a big deal.

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