Guided Project: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degree

This is my first upload for a guided project, I’m really excited that I got this one done.!

  1. I really want to know how I did?
  2. I also have an extra line graph in the last corner and have no idea how to remove it.
  3. I kept looking back at the solution page to complete this project, what is the best medicine to that issue?

Basics.ipynb (218.0 KB)

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Hi @krabuzy You did a great job on this project. The only feedback I have is that you forgot to remove x-labels for all line charts except for the bottom one. Review Exercise 3 in the project. Other than that, you did good, keep up brother.



Hello @krabuzy,

Well done, you did great!
The best thing I would say for you to improve on you doing the projects independently is to follow the missions closely and make jottings if it would help. I would even point that it helps better to review past missions when doing the project than checking the solutions upfront. But anyways, checking a template isn’t bad for a start.

And about the line on your chart, I checked. I think if you remove the line of code below, it would leave the chart:
ax.axhline(50, c=(171/255, 171/255, 171/255), alpha=0.3)

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:

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Great job! however, I have 2 observations:

  1. Switch the line labels on your first column for Engineering so that “Men” is orange and “Women” blue.
    2.Remove the 3rd line from bottom of your last code. The line with this code plt.plot(women_degrees[‘Year’], women_degrees[‘Biology’]) – That is probably the reason for the line in the corner.