Guided Project: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees - Appreciate your feedback

Basics.ipynb (124.3 KB)

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Have done nice job,
I liked your chart presentation,
Only thing if you can add comments and markdown in project it will give rich experience to reader,


Hello @karimyousrymohamedom! Thanks for sharing :smile:

Your code is great but you can add a few things:

  • Comment on your code, explain exactly what it does in each part. It’s very helpful for everyone who’s reading it. And it’ll be helpful for you when in the future you even come back to the project.
  • Your project is just a code block :pensive: You can improve it by analyzing the data and commenting on it! What are the objectives of your project? What have you found? Are gender gaps big? You can follow this great guide to create a great data science project (which can also go to your portfolio!).

Happy coding :smile:

Hey @artur.sannikov96, thanks a lot for the tips, I actually was in hurry to finish the guided project, but for sure will revisit it again in the future and put your comments to action

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