Guided Project: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees - Step 3 - Tick Mark and Spine Trouble

Hi all,

I’m having some difficulty with removing tick marks and spines.

For the x tick marks, I can get all of them removed except for the bottom subplots. I suspect it has something to with the way I’m using sharex when creating the grid. However, I’ve tried all the different arguments, and no luck. I can add larger, customer tick marks over the default ones, but this of couse doesn’t look right.

Also, I can’t seem to remove the bottom and right spines. Here is the code I’m using. It revoves the left and top spines but no luck with the bottom and right.

Any help is much appreciated!


Hi @kewayens33,

Welcome to the community! Can you please share with us the jupyter notebook (.ipynb) file?


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