Guided Project: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees!

Hi Everyone,

Just sharing my guided project on visualizing the gender gap for any feedback that anyone would like to offer. Thanks a lot, have a nice day all.

Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees.ipynb (137.3 KB)

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Hello @jmerrell247! Thanks for sharing:)

You’ve done a good job. Here is what I liked:

  • Your plots are beautiful and I especially liked that you added a horizontal line at 50% to make them clearerer!
  • You wrote an brief introduction to the data you worked with.
  • You code is very well documented! It’s very important for every programmer. I liked that you commented what you were doing in each for loop (like plotting different degrees categories!).
  • You code is very well organized and neat except for some minor issues (like no spaces between characters or spaces between characters where thay shouldn’t be)
  • Each logical part of your code is separated by a blank space! It makes you code more readable.

Here is what can be improved:

  • You did write a brief introduction to the data but what about defining the project’s goals? What do you want to know from the data?
  • You projects lack a story behind it! What are the results? Could you comment them? Here is a good guide on how to write a good data science project.
  • What about adding a 50% label to you horizontal line? It will not cause many clutter on your plots but will make them more readable!
  • You can also add a global title for all your plots to clarify what they are all about.
  • You may also add the percentage symbol (%) to the 100 label to make it clear that you measure you data in percentages.

That’s all for me!

Happy coding :blush:

Hi @artur.sannikov96,

Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree that I do need to go into more details with the project goals and creating a story. This is something I tried to do more of in the recent grads guided project. Do you think that this is more on the right track?

Recent_grads_GP (1).ipynb (546.4 KB)

Thanks again,

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

It’s definitely a much better analysis!

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t use italics as your main font style, it’s usually used to distinguish some parts of the text.
  • You can defintely improve your plots’ style, come back to this project after you finish Storytelling Through Data Visualization.
  • Are you scatter matrix really necessary to communicate the results?:slight_smile:

And well done on the conclusions! They are neat and professional.

Happy coding :blush:

More good tips.

Much appreciated!

Have a nice day

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