Guided Project: Why am I late? Analyzing I-94 heavy traffic indicators

Hi Everyone!!
My name is Saad Mohsin Khan and I have completed the guided project on I-94 Heavy traffic indicators. I would be very grateful for any form of feedback on my project from this community so that I can improve my skill.
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Analyzing_I-94_Heavy_Traffic_Indicators_project_4.ipynb (382.0 KB)

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Excellent flow and organization! definitely very well done.
My feedback if I may would be:

  • Adding comments to your code
  • Labeling the figures axes and also setting a title to the figures
  • The last two barplots would be much easier to interpret if they were sorted

You can sort the values before plotting by using .sort_values() you can see the result of doing that below:

In your case the command should look like this by_weather_description['traffic_volume'].sort_values().plot.barh()

Keep up with the awesome work! :clap:

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