Guided Project2: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi Everyone,

I’m just sharing my guided project ‘Exploring Hacker News Posts’ for any help and feedback. Thanks a lot everyone!

Explore_Hacker_News.ipynb (10.1 KB)

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Hi @jmerrell247,

Thanks for sharing your project! It looks good, with a clean code, exhaustive markdown explanations, and especially I like that the code is clearly and precisely commented where necessary.

Below are my ideas, hopefully useful, for your consideration:

  • It’s better to be consistent throughout the project and use or “I”, or “we” (in any case, avoiding using passive voice). The best practice is to use “we”.
  • I would not recommend you to use too much italic font (as well as bold), only to emphasize some important short phrases or words.
  • The subheadings should be bigger (but smaller than the title font, of course).
  • It’s better to put a link on the dataset source in the introductional part of the project.
  • To avoid confusion in the code cell numbers, a good practice is to re-run an already completed project.
  • The code cell [10]. It would be good to print which number refers to which list, just as you did in [97]. By the way, in this case you can remove the corresponding markdown explanation below it.
  • The code cell [97] The markdown explanation right after is a bit confusing and, probably, should be rephrased it in a more clear way.
  • You should specify the time zone for which you defined this time. You can find it in the documentation for the dataset, but I can also tell you in advance :blush:: it’s Eastern Time in the US. Also, you can convert the resultant time into the time in your own country.
  • The last empty cell should be removed.

Good job having done this project! And good luck with your further ones!

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