Guided_Project3: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

I want you to get a general evaluation

Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.ipynb (70.9 KB)

Hello @cem.ayhan! Thanks for sharing:) You have a nice and neat project. Your explanations are clear and motivated. Here is some feedback I would leave on your project:

  • Make sure you explain beforehand what’s the goal of your project. Would you like to make some recommendations for people who’d like to buy/sell a car?
  • Also give a more descriptive title that encapsulates the essence of your project’s goal.
  • Comment on your code, even though it seems pretty straightforward right now (the code is relatively easy) it’s better to develop this useful skill early on in your data science journey. That will help others and the future you to understand what your code does.
  • In this code block:
autos = autos.loc[(autos["registration_year"] > 1900) & (autos["registration_year"] < 2017)]

did you want to extend the range up to 2017 (included)? If so you have to make sure to use the <= operator to include 2017. Correct if I did undestand incorrectly your motivations.

  • In the code blocks where you calculate the mean price/mileage for each brand you can use the mean() method to make it much quicker. You can also pass the mask directly to .loc[] to avoid creating another variable. You code will be shorter and still readable.
  • Make sure to write a longer conclusion. What was the main goal of your project? Did you reach it? Any other insignts you’ve found while exploring the dataset? Any further questions others can answer?

All in all, I liked your project! Well done:) You may come back when you learned about matplotlib and seaborn packages to make beautiful vizualiziations of your results.

Happy coding :smile:

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