Guided SQL project (CIA factbook)

Hi everyone, please let me know how accurate you think my findings are for the SQL project. It was interesting to find out these details. The one that most interested me was the death rate vs birth rate problem.

Guided Project Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.tar (114 KB)


Hi @martin16 ,

Thanks for sharing your project!
Here are some suggestions from my side, hope they will be useful to you:

  • You should add a title to your project, introduction (outlining your goals for the project and some background information about the data and the problem behind), and conclusion (summarizing the main results). As for the internal structure of the project, there should be different sections with the corresponding descriptive subheadings. Also, the intermediate results throughout the project should be explained in the markdown cells. The best practice is to add a markdown explanation after each code cell.
  • When the project is already finished, it’s better to re-run it from the beginning. In this way, the code cells will start from 1 and will be all in order, so it will be easier to follow them and to refer when necessary.
  • The best practice is to follow the SQL conventions and use capital letters for writing statements, keywords and functions.
  • The last cell seems to be a draft and should be removed.
  • One code cell is repeated 3 times around the project:
select * from facts
limit 5;

I would leave only one of them, at the beginning of the project.

  • And yes, I agree with you, it was strange also to me to see the results of the birth and death rates difference :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope my suggestions were helpful. Also, I’d recommend you for your future projects to get acquainted with these very useful and comprehensive guidelines.

Happy learning!

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