GuidedProject: AppleStore GooglePlayStore data analysis

I’m sharing a guided project, It’s my 2nd sharing, I would really appreciate if anyone give a review for my coding part and description part, in-fact in detail.Thanks in advance.

The mission screen link is here.
GuidedProject_AppleStore_GooglePlayStore_data_analysis.ipynb (416.9 KB)

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Hi Raisa @raisa.jerin.sristy79

Good to see your project. Aren’t you moving up the ladder pretty quickly?! Congratulations on becoming a learning assistant.

Coming to your project, I think the introduction could have been a bit more elaborate, also by including a line or two about the data set and by giving a link to download the same. If you think from the perspective of a reader, someone who doesn’t know the guided projects in DQ, it will give you an idea on how to write and what to include.

Also, it would have been better if you could include some sub-headings just like you have mentioned here

  • removing inaccurate data
  • removing duplicate app entries
  • removing non-English apps
    That way, it is easier to skim through the project for someone who isn’t very much interested in the coding part.

Well when it comes to coding, I’m sure you are pretty advanced and not starting from scratch. So I think you have done a pretty good job with the coding.

Though it would have been good if you could give how did you find about this

There is an inaccurate entry(10472) for googleplaystore , column_shift and the data for category is missing.

You can actually find it by comparing the number of columns and find the index of the that stands out like you have done here header_ios.index('prime_genre')

It is interesting to see how you have found the number of practical and entertainment apps. That was cool. Rest of the coding also looks good.

Well there is no right or wrong in the conclusion part. Though I think the company in the project didn’t want to invest too much and compete with giants if I remember correctly. So they might not get into social media. That is just my opinion.

Anyway it was a good project. Keep up the good work.


@ jithins123 Jithin S I’m so glad to see that it’s you again!!! And, I just love your review, you always shows me the scopes for improvement. I’ll try my best to improve my description part onwards. And I’ll try to upskill my coding part too.

Thanks a lot. :heart: :heart: :heart: