Hacker News Data Science Guided Project -2

Hello Everyone,

I just finished my second Data science guided project - Hacker News. One change from the guided mission and that is i have worked on the original dataset without truncating any rows from it.

While working on the project, i found one issue with datetime column, thought of sharing it with you, might be useful for a new beginner like me.
The format of the datetime column is different for many rows. Hence, you have to first make a consistent format (I used a replace method on string) and then create a datetime object from it.

Attached is the link to the Jupyter notebook.

Your feedbacks are most welcome. Happy learning.

Thank you.

Hacker News Data Science Project (3).ipynb (13.0 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Thanks for sharing @rksiiita


Hello @rksiiita, Thanks for sharing.

I would like to add that when you want to print the first n elements of a list of lists some_list, the correct line of code is print(some_list[:n]).

For example, the code in In[2] should be print(hn[:5]) not print(hn[1:6]).

Good luck and happy learning!

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Oh yes, “hn” list does not include header - so yes, 1st five rows will be hn[:5]

thanks buddy @doyinsolamiolaoye

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It’s my pleasure. @rksiiita

Good luck and Happy learning!

Thanks for sharing! this was driving me nuts!