Hacker News Project (my first post)

last screen of the Hacker News project

Hacker_news_project.ipynb (280.4 KB)

Hello guys, this is my first post on dataquest platform. I’m looking for peer reviews and constructed recommendations for improving my project and my coding skills as well.
Also, I found that there is a large gap between following instruction and coding myself (Coding myself is next-level frustrating). I wonder how to narrow this gap ASAP. Looking forwards to becoming a better coder!

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Hi @pwan0025, welcome to the community!

Congrats on completing your project! Things get easier over time and exposure. I’ve looked over my first projects and they’re riddled with comments like, “This is so annoying!” and “Why did the solution do it like this??” I look at them now and I understand, but I totally get the frustration when you’re getting started. I think one thing that helped me was looking at posts here and seeing if I could figure out an answer (even if I never posted or it was already answered). It forced me to review and looking at problems from different angles. I still struggle and I’m nowhere near where I want to be in the process, but I’ve definitely grown.

It looks like from whatever struggles you had, you pushed through on this project. You’re doing great! I like that your code is commented and you’ve got headings breaking up the blocks. I’m not sure why, but the 2nd code block printed out what looks like all of the dataset, so it takes up a lot of space. (It doesn’t do that when I run it locally, so I’m not sure how to change that.) The other thing you can practice is writing an introduction (that goes into more detail about the dataset and the project goals) and explaining the steps as you go. It helps to polish up the project, and it also helps you solidify in your mind what you’re doing.

Have a look at other student projects too – I have learned A LOT from seeing how other people work!

Thanks so much for sharing with us!


Hi! I’m a beginner too. You’ve done a pretty good job. But like the other commenter said, maybe you can describe the project a little bit more in your introduction. For example, talking about the questions that we aim to answer through the analysis. The same applies to the conclusion. You can try to discuss the results (what could explain the findings or what would be your recommendations for a post to receive a high number of comments).
With the second block, you can just display the first 5 rows if you want to see how it appears.

Have fun learning! :smile:


Thanks for your reply, recommendations and encouragement. I think the 2nd code block only displays inproperly in the jupyter viewer. I run it finely on my local machine. I will try to construct more about my project next time. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your reply! Have fun learning to you as well!

Hacker_news_project.ipynb (12.9 KB)

I found an error in my last post thus I re-upload another file.

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Great job! I just uploaded mine as well. You can do well to follow the advice already given. Happy learning!