Hacker news Project - need some help

please take a look in this link ---- Learn data science with Python and R projects

this is the code i wrote (changed a lot of stuff especially with the ‘’ sign for the title etc this is the “basic” code i wrote

"ask_posts = []
show_posts = []
other_posts = []

for row in hn:
** title = row[1]**
** if title.startswith(ask hn)**
** ask_posts.append(title)**
** elif (‘title’.startswith(‘show hn’))**
** show_posts.append(title)**
** else:**
** other_posts.append(title)**


Im sure it’s because the new methods of the code regarding the startswith and or lower not sure where im wrong


Please check out the guidelines mentioned here - Guidelines for asking a technical question in our Community especially the one on formatting code in your post and update your post accordidngly.

It would also help if you added some more details on what exactly is the problem that you are facing or what you need help with. Currently, it’s unclear what the issue is.