Hacker News Project!

Hi guys,

I’m happy to share my project about Hacker News!
Thanks in advance for any feedback!


HackerNewsProject (1).ipynb (14.2 KB)

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Hi @Basti
Welcome to this community and thank you very much for sharing your project on Exploring Hacker News. Your project looks good, the introduction, the aim, comments are well presented. Explanations given while working on the average number of comments is nicely presented and thumbs up for that buddy.
Most of the outputs for example in cell[1]( exploring the data) have been displayed horizontally and I think for readability ,you ought to have applied for loop for such outputs to have them displayed vertically.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work and just wishing you the best in your upcoming projects;
Happy learning!


Thanks a lot for your feedback and welcome!
I’m excited and happy to be part of this community.