Hacker News. ( The people who write the most and what matters most )

I’m redoing the startup projects, these are the ones I want to upload to Github so if anyone has a comment to make, welcome.

I didn’t want to add more than the ones that come out until lesson 2 and I have focused on functions as well as date formats and dictionaries with more than two fields with values.

I hope that whoever reads it likes it.


Ranking of Authors by type of post, number of times they’ve written posts, title and rating

kind of post ranking authors # of post Title of most valuable post Score Date
ask_posts 1 hoodoof 70 Given the cost of living, why would a developer live in Silicon Valley?’ 28 2016/06/22
ask_posts 2 tmaly 48 What are your favorite sayings?’] 19 2016/09/14
ask_posts 3 tixocloud 41 How to learn machine learning on my own?’] 55 2016/06/15
show_posts 1 bdehaaff 36 Visual Charting Tool’ 18 2016/02/24
show_posts 2 soheil 33 Ssh2, simplifying EC2 ssh’ing 51 ‘2015/12/06’
show_posts 3 brakmic 30 Using Redux with PureScript 52 ‘2016/01/24’

This is a table of the conclusions I have drawn. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Hacker_news-DQ.ipynb (691.2 KB)

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