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Looking forward to receiving constructive feedback. Thank You.

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Exploring Hackers News Posts

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Hi @gargarkwamegideon12! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community :slight_smile: Your project is well written and very easy to read.

A few comments from my side:

  • It’s not necessary to comment on the most obvious code, like # Read in the data.
  • Import all the modules you use in the project in the first code cell as it will allow the readers to find out from the beginning what packages/modules you’ve used
  • “Amount” is used for uncountable nouns so you should change it to “number” whenever necessary (i.e., number of comments/posts)
  • Maybe you could try to order the dictionaries by the number of comments/posts to get a clearer picture of the data?

The rest seems good :slight_smile: Happy coding and good luck with your next projects!


Thanks a lot more for your feedback.

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