Has any one build a Dataquest Flashcard desk and willing to share it?

I’m at the beginning of the step 2 of the Data Analyst Path, and only realized now, hey, it can be useful to have a tool to quickly review what I learned…

So before starting one, I was wondering if someone has build a Flashcard deck for Dataquest, and if not, maybe some of you would be interested to collectively build one ? Any community tool to suggest to make that happen ?

Edit : So far, the most ‘universal’ way I found out is a shared google sheets that will be converted to anki deck. Open to other ideas !


For me I usually pick a dataset and analyze based on what I’ve learned.

I have built a small one (so far) that you can find here:
Google sheet dataquest flashcard

And a companion script to generates the anki flascards from the google sheet.

Feel free to duplicate the sheets and build your own flashcards, or to share your Gsheets on here for the community.

Fyi, the companion script will generate a Directory per DataQuest course, and a deck inside the directory per mission.