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Having a problem on submissions of my workins

Screen Link: here is the screen link

a_value = 15
a_result = (25-7)*15
print(a_result+12 )
print(a_value + a_result) 

I don’t know why my workings are not accepted , yet if I run it , the output was okay.
Somebody helps.

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Hi @halimashaban82
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing the problem, actually have checked on your screen where you are working , and you have entered 15 instead of 17 and that’s why your workings are not accepted. Kindly do the changes and all will be well.

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Hi @halimashaban82 and welcome to the community!

I just wanted to add on to what @brayanopiyo18 has pointed out (change 15 to 17) because there are two fifteens in your code.

Instruction 2. says:

  1. Store the result of (25 - 7) * 17 to a variable named a_result.

If you make this change, your answer should be accepted.

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Thank you @mathmike314 and @brayanopiyo18 , actually I didnt notice the 17 and being a newbie in the whole process i don’t still understand the small errors.

thank you all


No worries, it happens to all of us so don’t be too hard on yourself!

I have a friend who knows a lot more than I do (years worth) and they spent half a day before they noticed a missing , in their code that was causing their problem. Sometimes it’s the little things that are the hardest to see…and that’s why we have a community for help :sunglasses:

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