Heavy Traffic Indicators

Finished my next project today: Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94.
I really enjoyed this project, graphing is fun.

If anyone wants to take a look, give any feedback, its appreciated.



Basics.ipynb (394.0 KB)

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Hi @AlJens
Thank you for sharing your project on Heavy Traffic Indicators. Haven’t done this project yet but with your workings, I was able to get through and I learned a lot as I was reading through. The introduction is well defined, your comments have helped through to understand all the code lines you presented. I love how you have organized most of your subtopics into questions, they were all answered and the explanations given are excellent. you have also done a great work on the graph, they are admirable , the conclusion as well is very informing, thumbs up buddy for the good work!.Having said that have got two suggestions to make;

  • kindly check the explanations given on cell[15], it seems the hour has the high positive correlation with traffic volume , but you went for temp or you can brief me why this is so :blush:
  • Also consider re-running your project to have sequential ordering of the cells

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and just congratulating you for the good work.

Happy learning!.

Thank you for your review. I checked back to see what you meant regarding the correlation values. That section is labeled: How Does Weather Affect Traffic Volume? and the code within the block is noted saying #check correlation value of numeric weather columns. I think the confusion comes from the fact that I ran the correlation on all columns rather than only the weather related ones. I could have added more notes here, or ran the correlation differently to make it clearer.