Helcopter Prison Escape Attempts Per Year and Country

Hello, kindly look at my first guided project that shows the years and countries with the most helcopter prison escapes. I would love to get feedback on what i would have done better as this is my first project so that i can do better in the next projects.

Basics.ipynb (79.6 KB)

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Hello @tnuwagaba191 and welcome to the community,

Great job completing your first guided project and thank you for sharing it.

You did well following the guidance provided and I can’t see any issue on that front.

I don’t intend to overwhelm you with too many pointers, so I’ll only briefly list the fundamental suggestions:

  1. Add an introduction. Write about the project, its goals, the questions it tries to answer, and its relevance to you and the audience. You can also add a summary of your main findings.
  2. Add comments to your code especially the parts that seem complicated. This is essential when you have technical readers who read your codes; also useful for your future self who might read your code later and probably has forgotten how the code works.
  3. Add at least a title, x-axis label, and y-label to your bar chart.
  4. Add a conclusion. A good place to summarise your findings. It’s also a place to reflect upon your findings and see whether you’ve successfully answered the questions you defined at the start of the project.

The above are mostly about communication because most of us entering data science are enthralled by the beauty of data analysis and its results, but we tend to forget that we have to communicate that sense of wonderment to others and help them understand the results as well.

This style guide can be very useful if you need more pointers on what to improve.

Feel free to ask questions or post an updated version of your project (if you want to and whenever you feel comfortable doing so).

Keep up the effort. Cheers.

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Thanks for the feedback. This will be my guide in my future projects.

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No worries.

Good luck in your future projects.

I am having trouble with one part of the code. The part of the code that is giving me trouble is years =
for y in range(min_year, max_year +1):
years.append(y) .

When I input the code, I am getting a Nameerror code, how do I fix this error ? .

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years = []
for y in range(min_year, max_year + 1):

The nameerror error occurs when you are using a variable that has not been defined. Cross check your variables, remember variables are case sensitive. You could have used a different case.


Please check my submission.
Basics.ipynb (89.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @pillakishorekumar,

Welcome to the community.

To help your project be more visible to others, you can also create a new post specifically for your project. You can read the following for more guidance:

If you’re still unsure how to create your own post, don’t worry. Just reply to my message here or send me a Private Message, and I’ll walk you through the steps.


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