Helicopter Escapes! My First Data Science Project in Dataquest!

Take a look at my first project in Dataquest. I would like to know if there are more efficient ways that I would have used to carry out the project. Thank you.

HelicopterEscapesProject_Abdullahi.ipynb (79.1 KB)

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@abdullahimadabo Congrats :handshake: on completing your first project. I’m sure you feel proud, and this is the first step :trophy: to many more wonderful projects on DQ.

You will learn more as you progress. The more projects you do, the more feedback you get and the more you learn.

A couple of helpful pointers from me for your journey forward.

Presentation Style
  • Ensure to re-run the entire project after you are done completing one. This is how to do it image
  • Include an introduction and conclusion section which summarizes your intention and understanding of the project. In fact, include more sections where appropriate. I would direct you to read some other projects we currently have in DQ that are champion projects. Your introduction could include such points as where you got the dataset from, what the dataset is about and what you intend to do with it. In your conclusion, you could summarize your analysis and give your own opinion about the same.
  • While you have run the code based on the instruction, I would recommend you add context to it by providing the user with explanations and your own analysis. This is what is expected as you progress as a data analyst. The reader wants to know what you analysed and what you gathered from that analysis.
Coding Style
  • I would recommend the addition of comments. What you’ll realize a couple of projects down the line, when you return to this project, is, you are unsure of what you did. Comments serve as a bookmark. If you haven’t got to this part of the lessons, revisit this project after you do so.
  • I didn’t go through the code at great depth but seeing as you have followed the instructions provided by DQ, I feel there should be no issues.
  • There are a few challenge questions at the end of the project, I recommend that you give those a shot. Those will help to differentiate your project and make them stand out.
  • Once you are comfortable with data visualization, add more of those and expand your analysis further.

Checkout this page for more pointers on how you can take your guided project to a whole different level and standout.

You have got to a good start :rocket:. Keep the momentum going.


I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

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