Helicopter Escapes -- My First Project

Helicopter Escapes Basics.ipynb (80.1 KB)

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HI @kirksamulski, an excellent project for a start you did an outstanding job in this work and your visualization was on point.
However here are some feedbacks you need to consider moving forward.

  • Try to add a proper introduction to your work, it’d serve as a background study to what you intend to do and would help readers understand better
  • texts like Let's print the first three rows, Let's remove the details., Let's print the first few rows without the details. can be made as comments instead of taking a cell of its own.
  • Also there was no conclusion in your work.

Try and work on the following

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Thank you for the tips. I was following the instructions to the letter, so that may explain why it was the way it was.

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Hi @kirksamulski ,

Great job on your first project. After reviewing your project, the comments are easy to follow and the code is very clear and concise. I just did this project so I understood the project progression but to make the project easier for others to follow you could add sections and headers like your first section “Get Data”.
Great Job on your first project!