Helicopter Escapes

Hello everyone,
Kindly find attached, my solution to the guided project
Helicopter-Escapes.ipynb (80.3 KB)

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Feedback is very much welcome
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HI @Binyoh1, kindly follow the guidelines on how to share the project.

Hi @Binyoh1 ,

Great job finishing the project. Great job explaining your final conclusion and analysis. The table “Countries with the most Helicopter Prison Breaks” was very clear and concise. You did great job explaining how the attempts_per_year was populated.

The code was easy to read but the variables “ya” and “y” may be easier to understand if the variable name included year or comments describing the variable.

Also, you may want to add an introduction stating the project goal. I did read your objective under “Attempts per year” but it may be clearer if the project goal was in the introduction.

Thank you very much for your kind feedback and suggestions. I will edit and update the notebook with these considerations in mind.
Best regards