Helicopter Prison Break

Dear all

Kindly find attached the guided project: Helicopter prison breaks for your valuable input.


Helicopter Escapes.ipynb (80.9 KB)

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Hello @naftali

Congratulations on completing your first guided project. I’d advise you to add an introduction to the project; what’s the project about and what’s the questions you want to answer by doing the analysis.

Trying using markdowns only for explaining the analysis, avoid technical things because not every reader would be knowing Python and may not understand it.

Use code comments to explain the technical things.

Apart from that, overall it’s a good project. Cheers!

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Thank you for your prompt feedback. Your comments are very much appreciated.

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Hi @naftali

Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest Community. I have gone through your work and all looks well. Much have been outlined by @vishallbabu5 , and I only have two submission to make;

  • You can try exploring through the months and find out which month recorded the most escape attempts, though this can serve as our feature analysis. Have done the same and the outputs are very interesting.
  • You ought to have included conclusion in your workings. You have very interesting findings one being the country with the most escape attempts. Summarizing all these in a conclusion is always the best approach.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work . All the best in your upcoming workings.

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