Helicopter Prison Escapes - My first Data science Project

Hi :wave:
This is my first project, when I started it a few weeks ago, I kept getting stuck so I put it aside and continued with the course. Finally, I was able to complete it now.
Kindly review it and let me know how I can improve it.

Basics.ipynb (80.4 KB)

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Hello @haniemar19. Welcome to the DQ community and good job on completing your first guided project.

It’s all part of the learning process. And you did the right thing. When you feel stuck at a concept, take a break and come back at it again.

Now coming to your project, I had a thorough look at your project and since this is your first project, it’s normal to miss what I am going to say, as I had done the same mistakes.

  • Adding an introduction to your project. It’s very important to add an introduction, it lets the person reading your project to know in shorthand what the project is about and what questions are you trying to answer with the help of the analysis. In this case, which country had the most helicopter prison escapes and the year with most helicopter prison escapes.
  • Using markdown to explain your thought process. Markdowns are great way of explaining what is that you are doing and why you are doing it. Not every person who is going to read your project will have a technical knowledge of Python, right? And why are you doing a particular step? So, use markdowns to explain things.
    In this case, you could have explained why is that you are removing the details column of the dataset. And also why are you extracting the years. Remember, data analysis is telling a story to the readers with your analysis.
  • No errors in your code. The whole project had no errors in the coding part. So great job on that.
  • Adding a conclusion. You could have added a conclusion part to your project explaining the overall findings of your analysis.

Considering this is your first guided project, overall, you have done a great job on the basics. Also here’s a link which will help you in structuring your next project.

Good luck on your learning journey. :smiley:


Thank you for the feedback. I will be sure to incorporate these points into my next project or better yet improve on this one.