[Help] Guided Project 1 - App Profile Recommendation

Screen Link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/350/guided-project%3A-profitable-app-profiles-for-the-app-store-and-google-play-markets/7/removing-non-english-apps-part-two

Your Code:

all_English_apple_apps = []

for google_apps in apps_data_google:
    name = google_apps[0]
    if check_language(name) == True:
for apple_apps in apps_data_apple:
    name = apple_apps[0]
    if check_language(name) == True:

What I expected to happen:
I didn't get any errors, but when I checked my outputs I did not get the same thing as the solution did. Up to this point, my outputs lined up with the solution key. I ran my eyes over this code above a few times now and compared it to the one in solution, and it is the same apart from different variable names.

What actually happened: ```Number of rows: 10795
Number of columns: 13

Number of rows: 7197
Number of columns: 16
None``` to format properly

Other details:

Nevermind! I found where my mistake was in not getting the same result as the solution key. I iterated over “apps_data_google” instead of the new variable “android_clean”.

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