Help installing R

Please I need help on installing R on my windows 10 laptop. Its seems not to be compatible. Am new

Hey @akheugiomho I moved your question here to help you get an answer quicker!

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Hi @akheugiomho. You will need to install R before you install R Studio. The latest version of R available for windows is here:

After that is installed, you can install R Studio:

If that does not work, please let me know the specific problems that you are running into and I will do my best to assist. All the best.

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Thank you very much, will try using the links and get back. Am grateful


I have just installed R and Rstudio on my laptop. Thanks so much

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Great to hear, @akheugiomho!

Good day family. Where do I go from here? I have Rstudio on my computer, do I practice the missions I have finished or continue learning. Thanks

Hi @akheugiomho. Great question. At minimum, I recommend using R Studio to complete the Guided Project that comes at the end of most of the courses. You can also practice downloading the dataset from a mission and recreate some of the exercises that you performed in the course. This will be good practice with working in R Studio because it will require you to practice things like:

  1. Creating a new project in R Studio - you can save all datasets and R scripts in one place
  2. Opening and saving a new .R script or .Rmd (R Markdown) script
  3. Installing packages with install.packages()
  4. Loading packages with library()
  5. Re-creating some of the exercises in your own environment
  6. Expanding the analysis by exploring the data further on your own

This short chapter from Hadley Wickham’s R for Data Science provides some useful information for getting started with projects in R Studio.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. All the best.

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Thanks a lot, I feel so privileged


Good @casey, I tried going with your first recommendation, the problem now is that I don’t seem to see any dataset on the missions I completed to download. I have only completed introduction to R. Thanks

Hi @akheugiomho. The first opportunity to download a dataset comes in the 5th mission of the Introduction to R course. Here’s the screen that covers loading the dataset into R with the readr package. As you may know, the final mission in the Intro to R course is a Guided Project on how to install R Studio.

I hope this helps! Please let me know of any questions.

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Thanks a whole lot, this was very helpful

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