Help ressetting the values in

Hello Dataquest community,

In Practice problems series, does anybody please know how we can reset the info within
I am specifically looking for getting the provided inputs that are displayed on the top right corner of the screen when we reach a new problem.

I am a bit upset because by my own fault, through a series of very unfortunate keystrokes :weary: (as i was looking for the ~ character on my apple keyboard for some boolean mask), i did not realize that within the Firefox browser i was actually going along the problems and pasting previous snippet of code upon the initially provided code input that is needed to actually solve the problem.
It all happened in a couple of seconds and now i can’t continue this series :sob:.
I was at 16. Removing Rows With Missing Data within NumPy Datatypes Practice Problems, so almost at the end.

I already tried reset the entire series thanks to the little link at the bottom of the hamburger menu.
I lost all my progress which is okay, but is still missing valuable info and now I am stuck and desperate :sob:
I tried cancelling, in vain, I also tried to piece the correct input together via the traceback received after submitting an answer, but alas no luck

Thank you so much in advance for your help in saving these precious pieces of information
:crossed_fingers:t3: somebody will have a tip or even solution

Hi @elsacesari:

Please attach the mission link as per these guidelines so we know the particular mission you are referring to and can better assist.

Did you try using this button? This resets all user-defined variables for each individual mission screen.

You can do this by simply printing out the system defined variables using print() (that is the variable(s) provided to you by DQ).


Many thanks for your reply and the guidelines.

Indeed I probably should have included the link to the specific mission I mentionned but as I thought i was looking for a general answer that would fit any cases where the screen includes the part, that’s why I did not (my problem occured when i was on and I still can’t figure out what exactly happened, what series of keyboard strokes managed to delete so completely Dataquest defined variables).

Regarding your tip for the refresh button, many thanks I hadn’t tried it but unfortunately I just did and it did not work.
The initial code seems to have disappered somehow. I tried to restore it several times, even in different browsers, then for various practice problems but none of it makes any difference.

Print() does not output anything, even with variables (when i know that there should have been an x for instance, print(x) still does not display anything)

Many thanks for these two tips.
If you have any other idea, I would be really appreciative.