Help review my completed Hacker News Project

Criticisms, reviews, praises... any comments on my guided project would be appreciated (11.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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hey @rayman2332

First off what are thooooooooooooose! :scream: :open_mouth: It’s quite interesting actually, you have shown variability but you choose the wrong the placeholder! :grin:

Now that we have worked on the code cells and written codes that do things to data, let’s work on markdown cells and add - titles, introduction, brief description of what the code in focus is doing, what are the results of the code and any interpretations we can make based on the results !?

you may refer to this post for more information on markdown cells:

Thank you, that was my first project. I have taken the introduction to markdown. Thank you

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